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Bottle Testimonial

Nithin Thampi

Bengaluru, India

This is a high quality product.It's completely leak proof.I accidentally dropped it from 5 feet from ground but it didn't break.A must have for nature lover as it isn't made from plastic.

Deepak Nalwaya

Pune, India

I gifted this to my son on his job change as he is very health conscious.The moment he received the bottle,he called back so excited and said this is actually something he was looking for and this bottle on his office desk He simply loved the bottle and has asked to order a few more for home as he has been telling us about the harmful effects of drinking out of plastic bottles. Hopefully, will be replacing all my plastic bottles With Tintbox bottles soon.

Supriya Bansal

Delhi, India

I travel a lot and had seen similar glass bottles in the US.The last time i visited US, I wanted to busy some of those but couldn't do so.After returning to India, I thought why not google if I can find something similar in india and to my surprise found Tintbox.I immediately ordered two. The delivery was well in time and I am so happy with its looks and quality. Whoever visits us feels the bottle must have been bought from US kudos to the TintBox for making such beautifully designed product in India.

Quasar Fox

Mumbai, India

Have been using plastic 'BPA free' water bottles of Nike and Adidas. They changes the taste/smell of the water after a few rnonths. Yes, even after cleaning them regularly. This one is definitely a lifesaver product for me. The price is a tad high, still I would give it a solid 5. It won't change the taste of water even if it stagnates. The lock and hinge will stand the test of time, if used properly. It is leak proof and the sleeve offers protection and has a good grip. It's a conversation starter indeed .

Shruthi T.

Ahmedabad, India

It's everything I wanted in a bottle. Firstly it's glass, it has a silicon anti slip cover, 750ml which is not very huge. A not so complex top cover design, it has a sirnple flip which is easy to use n the focus is more on drinking after. It has a double sound click to make sure the cover is locked. The only down side would be its price, but no complaints.