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2 Bottle Testimonial

Shweta Tripathi

Hyderabad, India

TintBox has actually increased my water intake. I just keep on sipping out of it all day and somehow I feel my skin is glowing because of more water intake. No smell, no taste, just pure water. Love TintBox

Amit Gupta

Gurgaon, India

I gifted this to my friends and family during Diwali and I am so happy I chose this. The products were delivered the very next day I placed my order. Your products are awesome TintBox.

Pinky Magnani

Mumbai, India

More comfortable to utilise than expected


Delhi, India

There is absolutely nothing that I dislike about this product.I have the aqua shade. I lost the first one while travelling and could not think of substituting this with anything else. The product is leak proof has a double lock. Easy to clean / sterilize. Looks classy too.

Rajesh Premchandran

Bangalore, India

I have kept TintBox bottle in my car for ever. Great product for car and travel purposes